Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

If the freehold is contested, how will payments be made?

It will be made payment to the rightful party that will be defined in consequence of the lawsuit concerning the contest of freehold.

Question 2

What should be done in case of splitter or land user?

If you are using the land although you are not the owner of real estate, the product price shall be directly paid to you in case that you obtain a written document from the land owner to prove that the product or curtilage belongs to you and also in case that you have mukhtar’s approve.

The product price shall be paid to those who use public lands in case of the presentation of official use license from General Directorate of National Real Estate or Fiscal about the legal use of the land which belongs to the public.

Question 3

Can inheritors or owners who live out of the village be represented?

People who are owner or inheritor, and live in another places can be represented by person who they shall give the procuration to represent themselves. Deed works can be done with procuration in the way of arranging registration. 

Question 4

What will happen when the construction is completed?

Self-contained and permanent right of construction can be used by the owner of real estate on the condition of making seasonal product planting in the land constituted.

Question 5

Can payment in person be made?

The prices of expropriation and curtilage shall be paid in the bank, and the owner of real estate shall take them by presenting his papers.

Question 6

What will happen if proposed price of expropriation is not considered to be enough?

The owner of real estate may not accept the proposed price of expropriation during negotiation by force of Expropriation Law “Purchase Article 8”. In the present case, lawsuit of Expropriation Law “Prompt Sequestration Article 27” shall be opened. If the proposed price of expropriation is not accepted in the lawsuit, lawsuit of Expropriation Law “determination and registration of the price of expropriaton Article 10” shall be opened.

Question 7

Who will cover the costs of lawsuit?

It will be covered by BOTAŞ TANAP Expropriation Directorate.

Question 8

What will happen if the negotiation is not attended?

The owner of real estate does not have any right for expropriation. However, the period of payment of expropriation price shall be extended.

If the negotiation is not attended, you can always apply to the agency of Expropriation Chieftaincies of BOTAŞ TANAP Expropriation Directorate which is in the same area with the real estate and its communication informaton is given.

In the case that you do not attend to the negotiation and do not apply to the Expropriation Chieftaincies, lawsuit of Expropriation Law “determination and registration of the price of expropriaton Article 10” shall be opened, and it shall be entitled to the expropriation price in consequence of lawsuit processes explained above about this lawsuit.

Question 9

Will inheritors need to obtain certificate of inheritance?

Right owners of real estate are requested to obtain certificate of inheritance and to state that they are inheritors.